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Dr. Roy Vongtama

author of Healing Before You're Cured

"Candid Leap did basically everything... Hal is my young wiz with all the technology."

Seja Patel

Director of Akasha Sustainability Strategies

"Hal understands the latest and greatest of what's happening out there."

Rick Lasser

author of Healing Before You're Cured

"I can guarantee you that we have made back our investment in Candid Leap multiple fold."

Rick Lasser

Founder, Memberstack.com (YC S20)

"Candid Leap has this energy for the craft of marketing. Absolutely I think everybody should hire Candid Leap."

Cut through the noise and get live quickly

We are digital marketing consultants first. We specialize in recommending the right digital tactics to spur your company's growth. Once we agree on a plan, our team executes and provides you company the time and care needed to succeed. We're in this together.

Results driven digital marketing

It's our responsibility to get you the most bang out of your marketing dollars. We always execute marketing tactics with a focused eye on ROI and growth. That stated, we aren't shy to questions your current playbook. Your marketing plan must be solid.

Before most projects, we often ask:
1) Is your website actually compelling?
2) Is your analytics build useful in making decisions? 
3) Do you have videos that sell for you daily?

Once these are all solid, we tend to look to other growth channels such as paid media and low-code growth tech.

You deserve a results-driven partner who gives you the attention and focus you deserve.

Our Process

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Roadmapping & Research

We answer critical questions analyzing your current market research documents, performing interviews, and deep diving your data.



We know your product, we know your customers, now we present options. We pick the right channels and tactics to grow your company and generate revenue.



You sit back and our team implements the strategy. We have all strategic, creative, and technical aspects covered in our line of work.

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